Alzheimer's is a dreaded condition especially for those people who are already in the twilight years of their lives. They are experiencing memory blanks and there are times when they already forgot their names. Studies show that there are ways and means to combat Alzheimer and one is to make use of the internet and play game PC. To tell you the truth, playing online games is not as bad as other people might think. They say that you could be addicted to these games and all you will be doing is to sit in front of your personal computer all day. It would all depend on the user. Great minds said that anything done in excess is bad. Thus, you have to play games moderately. Nobody would tell you to spend all your time on the internet. What is actually suggested here is for you to try academic games like scrabble, word games and puzzle games. These types of games will make your mind very active.

Millions of people log on to the World Wide Web every minute. It is really very interesting for you to know that at least twenty-five per cent of these users log on to play their favorite online games. You must know that not all games are free of charge. There are certain websites who are offering free online games with added tutorials but there are also websites which will require you to pay through your pay pal account or through Visa. It is entirely up to you to decide which games you will be playing. There is no pressure here. The aim is to help you exercise your hypothalamus and the only way to do that is to keep it functioning. It would be like a physical exercise for your body. You have to move your muscles and do some calisthenics every morning. This is being done to ensure that your muscles will not become so stiff because if it does, it will be very difficult for you to move. Your brain can be regarded in the same manner. Constant puzzle solving will definitely exercise your thinking prowess.

Game PC is not only here to serve as a hobby for kids and teenagers, it could also be good for you. You should definitely give online games a chance. If you are the type of person whose hobby it is to watch television, you are assured that playing online games is twice as much fun. Your mind will be very active when you're logged on to the internet because you will be thinking twice before you make your move, especially if you are competing with fellow game users. You will also develop self confidence and self esteem. It is a fact that old people have lower self esteem as compared to younger people. This is because they keep their thoughts to themselves. It would really help if you could interact with other people; just voice out whatever it is that you feel inside. Then you will find out that your burden will be no more.