Do you have adequate time up your sleeve and don't understand what to do with it? In case you don't wish to waste your time thinking about your ex or wander around and keep your mind off smoking then try try playing some online games. Though there are countless PC games that could keep you hooked and entertained, there are a few that are more famous than the rest. Let us have a look at a few of them.

Talking about interesting PC games, the 1st name that comes to mind is Half Life 1& 2. In contrast to normal action games, this one comes with a strong and enthralling story line. This game is finest known for offering various genres all together, guaranteeing that you remain entertained and amused all throughout. With the varied levels of art that this game incorporates, playing this game could make you feel that you are watching a film.

Another great PC game is the Jazz Jack Rabbit. This is one of the oldest PC games. In fact, this game is so old that many people may not have even heard about it. Nevertheless, in the 2D gaming days, this was the most famous game ever. Its catchy soundtrack made it an absolutely enjoyable game. This game came with a sequel that outdid its predecessor. Rumor has it that a new sequel of the game might be out soon.

Another famous PC game is Medal of Honor. This 1 is ideal for folks who are interested in first shooter games. It made its way to the top of the popularity charts despite sturdy competition from other games such as Crysis. The all round feel, look and background of the game is so designed that it might seem to you that you're in middle of an actual war. This one is well recognized for its multiplayer modes.

The Quake series rounds up the list of terrific PC games with lan. The game was initially designed on the lines of 'Deathmatch' but at last outdid it in popularity. In fact, it dominated the online gaming world for several years in a row and the 1st three versions outshined most other games of the time. And though, it might not be as much sought after right now, it still continues to be a constant favorite of excited gamers the world over. A new version of the game is rumored to be in the pipeline and ought to be accessible soon.

With these games at your disposal, you will not need to search for procedures to kill time. Contrary to typical sports and outdoor games, these PC games may not take you closer to your weight loss goals, but can assuredly keep you entertained. So, wait no more, go ahead and enjoy these games.