From the past so many years one of the most famous computer company Dell have got a great success in computer world for launching the world's most famous, efficient, durable, advanced, powerful latest computers. Now The brand name Dell itself shows the good quality and reliability of its product. Dell has achieved a great reputation in market. Dell always invents the latest and the most wanted technology for its users. It always considers the demand and the need of user. Thus this time dell has made certain efforts for developing a system for computer game fans. Maintaining its reputation, Dell has launched a latest new Gaming PC. Here comes another eye-catching, efficient, attractive, fast and adorable new invention of the well known computer company Dell i.e. Alienware Aurora R4.

The Alienware Aurora R4 is the most advance gaming PC so far. The company has got a big success in giving efficient and unique features to Alienware Aurora R4. Like always the world's best programmers, technicians and researchers working for Dell, have done a really appreciable work. This computer has got many advance features and great specifications. It is powered by latest Intel's 2nd generation core i7 3000 series six core processor. The computer is supported with advance GPUs which is configured with 1GB GDDR5 AMD radon HD 68702GB GDDR5 AMD Radon HD 6950, Vida GeForce GTX 560Ti and Nvidia GeForce GTX 580. It supports the memory options of 8GB QUAD channel 1600 MHz DDR3. A 2TB hard drive is inserted in the computer that will be capable of storing large games with very high graphics. There are 256GB and 512GB ssd options available. It also includes blu-ray Disc Reader and Burner. The computer is made to cool with a liquid CPU cooling technology which is powered by 875-watt power supply.

A good Gaming PC is incomplete without a powerful sound system. Dell has provided a good sound system that includes Waves MAXX audio software, Creative sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio. It also has attractive automatic lightning system which is powered by a separate rechargeable battery that gives the backup power in the absence of external power. The external lightning also has different alien effect zones around the frame. It is found that the available price of Alien ware Aurora R4 in Indian market is 1, 25,000 to 2, and 00,000. According to the users review, the Alien ware Aurora R4 offers amazing specifications but it is too expensive to afford.