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In nowadays consumer society where everybody produces and tries to sell their products, it is obvious that there is a tremendous competition among the various manufacturers. It is obvious that each company or producer, no matter in what field of activity, will always try to sell their products by pretending theirs are the best or at least better than the others. Not only do producers try to push their products upfront but there are also different analysts and ordinary people consumers who come up with their own classifications of the different products on the market. This obviously occurs in the field of computers, laptops and computer components too. For one interested in classifications, the Internet is the best source for information on top ten laptops.

Personal preferences remain subjective but undeniable. Therefore, you will find different top 10 laptops classified on the basis of the various factors that people have in mind when judging laptops quality. The size is an important factor to analyze since people with jobs that require travel need small, light models, even the tiny ultra portable ones like the Asus Eee PC. Other buyers closely analyze the storage capacity or the memory extent, yet the higher the memory size, the more expensive the product. Last but not least, screen resolution is one final element to decide whether an item deserves to be part of the top 10 laptops chart or not.

To provide an example of what top 10 laptops lists should be like, we invite you to take a look at the following that presents the products in crescent order from the first to the tenth: {Apple MacBook Pro, Asus m70sa, Sony Vaio VGN-AR590E, Asus C90, Dell Inspiron 1525, Alienware m15x, Fujitsu Lifebook 8410, Lenovo ThinkPad R61, Apple MacBook Air, and Acer Ferrari 500. Such lists are compiled using the technical data posted on the official websites of each and every producer.

Another classification of top 10 laptops counts the following laptops: Acer Aspire One AOA110-1295 Notebook, Acer Aspire ONE A150-1447 Notebook, Apple 15" MacBook Pro Notebook, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Notebook - Customizable, HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pavilion Dv4-1120us Notebook, Sony Vaio Ns135 Notebook, Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Notebook, Apple 13.3" MacBook Notebook, Asus Eee PC 1000H Notebook, Acer Aspire 6930-6455 Notebook. Even if the two models of top 10 laptops resemble a lot, the slight distinction points out that this charting system is not 100% relevant given the high versatility of the computer market.

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